04/23/13 — Fond farewell: The Wall That Heals' visit a proud moment for county

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Fond farewell: The Wall That Heals' visit a proud moment for county

It is not really possible to thank everyone who helped make The Wall That Heals' visit to Goldsboro possible -- and such a success.

The members of the Veterans and Patriots Coalition, along with the many other volunteers and community members and businesses who helped raised the funds for the visit, are the first on the list of people to acknowledge for their hard work and commitment to this cause.

They helped make this tribute possible.

But there are others to remember, too.

Thousands of residents from around the region came to Goldsboro to pay their respects to men (and women), whom, in some cases, they have never met.

They lined Wayne Memorial Drive -- or rode in on their motorcycles as an honor guard -- to give the service members memorialized on the wall a welcome to Goldsboro.

And they shared a tear or a story or two, too, as they realized just how much of a price this nation has paid for freedom.

There were others there, too. Friends and families who had a loved one on the wall. They shared their memories and their grief and made us realize just how many people sacrifice during war.

It was about the heroes. It was about courage.

And it was a week that will remain in our memories for years to come.

Published in Editorials on April 23, 2013 11:04 AM