04/26/13 — Almost 'Ready': Survivors' stories put event's mission in clear perspective

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Almost 'Ready': Survivors' stories put event's mission in clear perspective

Their stories make you think -- the men, women and children who are guests each year at the Relay for Life Survivors' Banquet.

They talk of struggles and victories. They talk of hopelessness and fear that is often supplanted by hope and courage.

They talk of perspective and how, in a moment, a life can be changed forever.

And they remind us all that while cancer is a serious diagnosis, there is still reason to believe in miracles.

It is for them that Wayne County Relays.

Cancer has touched many of our lives -- sometimes with happy endings and sometimes with unfathomable loss.

We have family and friends whom we carry in our hearts and wish that they were standing by our sides as we walk the track and watch the balloons and prayers head for the sky.

All of us are there for two important reasons -- one, to remember or to honor a loved one, and two, to make sure the money is in place to find a cure that will save another family or friend from experiencing the same fight -- or grief.

Relay for Life is in a couple of weeks, and thousands of dollars have already been raised in anticipation of the annual event.

Booths are being readied, as are the plans for the fun and memories the day creates.

But as we prepare for the fun, we must remember the mission: To put an end to cancer.

Come join us as we gather as a community May 10.

It will be a night of tears, joy and hope.

And, who knows, that dollar you spend or donate just might be the one that helps lead to a cure.

Wouldn't that be something?

Published in Editorials on April 26, 2013 10:59 AM