05/09/13 — Aycock support: Local officials join forces to save historic spot

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Aycock support: Local officials join forces to save historic spot

There is a movement going on in Wayne County -- and those who are in charge, and others in leadership positions are leading the way.

The goal? To save a landmark from closure right here in Wayne County.

The reason it is so brave? It takes guts to stand up to your fellow party members and to say, "We don't agree."

Wayne County's legislative contingent, its commissioners, its school board as well as other leaders in communities around the county, are standing up for the Charles B. Aycock Birthplace, trying to save it from the budget ax.

Truth is, there are more than a few reasons to save this historic site.

First, it is a source of educational opportunities for local children -- and not just those in Wayne County, either. It gives them a place to go to see a bit of their history that is not on a television set.

Second, there is a reason to put money into preserving landmarks across the state. Making sure future generations have access to North Carolina's history is the responsibility of those who are around now.

And lastly, this is not an enormous money drain. Surely, there are better places to cut.

This is a place worth saving.

Thank goodness our leaders know that.

Published in Editorials on May 9, 2013 11:02 AM