05/15/13 — A good plan: Park innovations could be plus as city eyes future

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A good plan: Park innovations could be plus as city eyes future

Money is not easy to come by these days -- for anything, let alone yet another government project.

But the plans that are forming for a new W.A. Foster Center and renovations to Mina Weil Park just could be a boost the city needs right now -- and a smart decision for its future.

After more than a couple failed projects that drained the city of hundreds of thousands of dollars, this latest effort actually makes sense.

It is economical. It is necessary and it could benefit a lot of residents.

Oh, and did we also mention that it will not put an unreasonable burden on already overburdened taxpayers?

That sounds like a winner.

Investing in infrastructure that the city already has -- in this case, its parks -- makes more sense than taking on a major new project that has little hope of succeeding.

In other words, fix up what we have before taking on a new venture.

Improvements to the city's park -- especially major use areas like Herman Park -- are a good way to add some interest to the city's offerings. Potential residents and business investors like areas like parks, which can add a new dimension to the quality of life in any community.

Continuing to work on the upkeep, the development and the programs at these parks is a way to show that there is a reason to use them -- and will turn them into real assets for the city.

Residents should make sure they speak up now as the plans move forward for the Mina Weil Park work. Suggestions offered now just might end up as serious considerations in the final blueprint.

This could be a great first step toward creating even more possibilities for the city's recreational offerings.

And that helps everyone.

Published in Editorials on May 15, 2013 10:40 AM