05/24/13 — London horror: Crime should not pass without a moment to reflect

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London horror: Crime should not pass without a moment to reflect

A soldier lost his life on the streets of London Wednesday -- a family man, a young man, a man who had served his country valiantly overseas.

He lost his life to a thug who committed a crime so horrible that it is difficult to talk about -- or to recount.

But we have to talk about it -- and we have to face some realities about the alleged terrorists who now are roaming the world -- and the ones the president wants to set free from Guantanamo Bay.

The violence these people are capable of -- and the twisted logic with which they justify it -- is not something that can be negotiated away. They have no honor, so they cannot enter into any kind of civilized discussion about reaching a middle ground. They are fanatics with one goal in mind -- killing those who do not subscribe to their beliefs.

And chief on that list -- even though this time a British citizen was the target -- are Americans.

So enough fantasy. Enough of this reaching out to Islam to calm the masses. Enough pretending that a video -- not an al-Qaida resurgence -- is what prompted an attack on a U.S. Embassy. Enough showing respect when none is given in return. Enough.

It is time to face reality. These are extremist radicals who think we are weak and are just waiting for the chance to strike.

Let's strike first.

Published in Editorials on May 24, 2013 10:45 AM