05/30/13 — Not believable: Attorney general's claims suggest incompetence, corruption

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Not believable: Attorney general's claims suggest incompetence, corruption

Here is a public service announcement for anyone out there who works as a supervisor or to whom any sort of paperwork is sent for approval.

Read it before you sign it.

Obviously this admonition is timely, since it seems no one told the nation's chief law enforcement officer that such a review was necessary.

And if you believe that Attorney General Eric Holder knew nothing about the paperwork he signed designating a journalist as a co-conspirator in a spy operation, we think we have some land in the Florida swamps you might be interested in.

Make no mistake, Holder is going to take the fall for this mess. It is just a matter of time. The sands are already shifting under his feet.

But there is more, much more, to this story and more reason for there to be a lot more scrutiny into not only the journalist and IRS scandals, but the Benghazi mess as well.

All of the roads point to arrogance, politics and an administration that after promising to be one of the most open has been one of the most secretive.

Demanding answers is a must.

And we should not be distracted by the scapegoats, either. There is a systemwide problem here and an administration that is out of control. That suggests a leadership issue.

And it is more than time we get to the bottom of it -- before there is another "surprise" or "misunderstanding."

Published in Editorials on May 30, 2013 10:48 AM