06/13/13 — A message: Racial Justice Act repeal paves way for justice

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A message: Racial Justice Act repeal paves way for justice

There are many aspects to consider with regard to the prospective repeal of the Racial Justice Act.

Some say it is a step forward, while others say it is a slap against the principles by which this country's court system operates.

But let's look at just one aspect -- for now.

Since the Racial Justice Act came into being, hordes of inmates have challenged their sentences on the basis that the juries who set their punishment did so on the basis of their race.

They are clogging the courts -- often frivolously -- and they are setting in motion a backlog that cannot be dispersed.

And in the meantime, the loved ones and friends of their victims watch. Some will be hauled back through the pain they suffered.

Others will wonder if anyone is still thinking about the wrong that was done to their family member or friend.

And in the end we wonder once again -- is there ever really going to be justice for those whose lives were stolen, often in a very cruel way?

There are avenues to challenge wrongful prosecution and we are getting better and better at righting those wrongs.

The Racial Justice Act is show pony legislation that accomplishes nothing, but making justice a whole lot harder to achieve.

Published in Editorials on June 13, 2013 10:57 AM