07/02/13 — Time to talk: School board is right. Time to clear the air.

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Time to talk: School board is right. Time to clear the air.

The Wayne County Board of Education could have railed against the comments made by the Wayne County Commission about how the schools are run.

They could have hurled a few insults of their own -- and a few well-deserved "mind your own businesses" -- as well.

But although visibly tired of the commission critiques, the board called for one more bit of reason in the midst of finger-pointing and name-calling.

They have invited the commissioners to come to a meeting to address their concerns face to face.

And that is what leadership that has its priorities in the right place does.

There will always be questions about how the schools are run. Many, many people have their own theories about where money should be spent and who should spend it.

And the board is likely used to hearing all of those comments.

But when it comes to the administration of money and resources, someone has to make the decisions. And that is the school board.

So, in the interest of moving forward, the board members have agreed to listen and to explain a few of the reasons they have recommended the actions they did.

Let's hope the commission comes with the same open ears.

Published in Editorials on July 2, 2013 11:05 AM