07/09/13 — Terror watch: Vigilance a critical component of future security

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Terror watch: Vigilance a critical component of future security

When the violence happens thousands of miles away, it is difficult to understand the relevance back here at home.

So, when Americans read about continued troubles in the Middle East, they often pause, think about the people whose lives are being lost and go back to their daily lives.

But the mistake we have made in the past -- and one it looks like we are still making -- is that we do not get just how interconnected this modern world is and how, in an instant, we could become part of a war.

The reality is that the Middle East is not stable and there are thousands of people dying every day there because of regime differences and the continuing struggle against terrorism.

And while it is understandable that many leaders and citizens of the United States would want to think a whole lot less about conflict half a world away, it is critical that we continue to be conscious about not only terror cells, but those who are battling to lead some of the nations in that part of the world.

As we have learned the hard way, it doesn't take much for terror to seep across oceans anymore.

A sane and responsible Middle East policy must include stability in the region. And, unfortunately, this nation will likely have to play a part in establishing that peace.

So while the battles might be ending, the fight is not over. Not if we want this latest round of lives lost to matter.

Published in Editorials on July 9, 2013 10:47 AM