07/23/13 — Baby buzz: Kate and William's news can't help but add hope

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Baby buzz: Kate and William's news can't help but add hope

It isn't our baby. This one belongs to the people of England.

But what fun it has been to celebrate with them as they welcome the still unnamed "chap" into the world.

Of course it brings back memories of another birth to a new princess -- and of her tragic loss.

Diana would have been so proud.

But today, like the rest of the world, we, too, pause to think about what this new addition means -- how he might change the world.

He is just another royal, but the newest Windsor offers the same hope that the birth of any child offers to a nation, to a family. An event like this cannot help but elevate a mood, to create a celebration.

And what a different world he will live in -- and possibly rule someday.

The monarchy is not ours to covet or to critique.

But it is wonderful how news of this kind so far away is universal, a chance for us all to think about the joy and promise a child brings.

So, today, we drink a spot of tea and wait for the next step -- a photo of the little tyke.

And wish the new mum and dad all the best.

Published in Editorials on July 23, 2013 10:42 AM