10/25/13 — Blame: If you follow the logic, wrong people tagged with shutdown

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Blame: If you follow the logic, wrong people tagged with shutdown

Follow our logic.

After congressional hearings Thursday on the debacle that has become the Obamacare website, many leading Democrats spoke out about how now, there should be a delay in the implementation and fines associated with the individual mandate.

With a system that is not working properly, citizens should have more time to meet the requirements of the law.

Sound familiar?

If you think back to what started the shutdown in Washington in the first place, it was the fact that congressional Republicans suggested that the program was flawed, that it was not ready for release and that there was a need for a delay, especially since waivers had already been granted for unions, Washington staffers and many big businesses.

Democrats said no, and said the call for a delay was simply a political ploy by Republicans to derail a policy they did not agree with.

Turns out it was politics -- but it was on the other side.

It seems unfathomable that no one in the White House knew what a disaster the Obamacare rollout would be -- or that none of the Democrats who voted in lockstep to implement it actually checked to see if it was ready to be launched.

The reason they did not was simple. They were told this was the president's issue and that they needed to support him. So, they did.

And then, when the White House refused to negotiate, refused to budge on the implementation date -- and the Democrats supported him -- we ended up in a shutdown.

Now, a couple weeks later, they are calling for a delay -- the same proposal made to them weeks earlier.

Ironic, and telling, isn't it?

Published in Editorials on October 25, 2013 10:44 AM