11/05/13 — Thanks-giving: Here's another perspective on holiday shopping early birds

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Thanks-giving: Here's another perspective on holiday shopping early birds

They have a point, those who are saying that stores should stay closed on Thanksgiving Day.

After all, in this nation of misplaced priorities, we certainly don't need any more excuses to pull us away from spending time together as families.

Truth is, we need more time away from distractions, not less.

But perhaps there is another way to look at the Thanksgiving Day openings.

While the early evening openings will start the crush of shopping hours earlier, those excursions are often traditional -- gatherings of mothers, daughters, aunts and even, believe it or not, an uncle or father or two thrown in.

It is a sport of sorts, an activity after the crush of Thanksgiving eating is over -- much the same as sitting in front of a television and watching a football game.

The important moments are when the families gather at the Thanksgiving table to remember the reasons they are blessed. They share food, memories and good will.

And as long as that remains the focus of the day, family, if they want to head out and do a little shopping, more power to them.

The holiday hours offer something else, too -- a chance for some store workers to earn a little extra money. Thanksgiving Day hours are holiday pay -- something extra. And there are many people who welcome the chance to add a little more to their paychecks as the holiday season approaches.

So maybe the idea isn't so bad after all -- as long as the reason for the season remains the centerpiece of all our holiday activities.

That is what really matters.

Published in Editorials on November 5, 2013 11:33 AM