03/12/14 — Tick, tock: GOP right about Obamacare, but they must have ideas, too

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Tick, tock: GOP right about Obamacare, but they must have ideas, too

The ever-extending deadline is looming for the signups for Obamacare.

And, as expected, most of those who signed up for the plans offered by the government are not exactly who is needed to sustain it.

In other words, young, healthy people -- those who are likely to pay the premiums and rarely use the coverage -- are not buying policies.

So, the nation is about to face a quandary -- and a result that was predicted by the political opponents of the nation's new healthcare law.

Will there be enough people enrolled to support the medical costs of those with catastrophic and pre-existing conditions?

Will the insurance companies have to be subsidized to be able to handle the costs associated with a system like this?

Who knows.

But as the Republicans prepare to tell those who supported this plan, "I told you so," they also better come up with a better idea. Or, at least one that will address the continuing problem of providing affordable health care to all Americans.

Just pointing out that the system is not working is not enough. There has to be a plan to not only reform what we already have, but to improve upon it.

Obama-bashing is not enough.

Ideas and action are what we need now.

And that requires being leaders.

Published in Editorials on March 12, 2014 10:46 AM