03/26/14 — Just check here: Deadline extension a sign something just isn't right

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Just check here: Deadline extension a sign something just isn't right

Another deadline and another extension.

Anyone looking at the mess the Affordable Care Act has become would have every reason to think twice about putting his or her health care in the government's hands.

And now, faced with another missed deadline for enrollment, the Obama administration has approved an honor system -- just check a box and they will give you health care.

Let's hope that works.

But let's say it does, and high-priced stars and others advising the nation's young people to sign up for health insurance they do not need or want manage to make the sale.

What next?

Many of those who have enrolled in the Obamacare plans are those who were kicked off their own insurance plans because of the new ACA guidelines.

The government determined their plans were not suitable and forced them to get new ones.

And then there are the deductibles and costs.

While the new insurance might be cheaper for some, many of the new enrollees are finding that they do not qualify for the discounts and are paying much more for high-deductible plans.

Not exactly what we envisioned was it?

Or what we were sold.

Anyone who thinks that health care is not going to be an issue in 2014 -- or that Democrats are not worried about it -- should pay attention to how many members of Congress who are up for election are running from Obamacare. It is a sign, and it is a warning.

But the answer is not easy. Americans want a safety net plan for those who need one -- and Republicans will have to provide a viable answer to that concern if they expect to get the chance to lead again.

We need a way to take care of those who are facing catastrophic health crises or who do not have access to medical coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

There should be no doubt about that.

Bottom line is that health care is going to continue to be an issue. Someone, somewhere had better come up with a solution -- politics or no politics.

Words are not enough anymore. It is time for a concrete proposal, reform, whatever you choose to call it.

And perhaps, this time, when there is one, we can get everybody to read the bill before they vote on it.

Published in Editorials on March 26, 2014 10:59 AM