Long's Plant Farm

252 B Long's Plant Farm Road 778-2880

Part of the fourth and fifth generation of Long's Plant Farm are, from left, front row: Taylor, Darla and Ella; and back row: Lacey, Amanda and Alan. Not shown are Kelsey and Zack.

Long's Plant Farm and Nursery began 63 years ago by Major and Mable Long as a way to suplement their modest farming income.

Long passed away in 1976, and his daughter, Elizabeth Smith, operated the plant farm until the end of 2005, when she retired.

The founder's granddaughter, Lisa Hewes, now operates the plant farm. She has been a part of Long's Plant Farm since she was a little girl digging in the dirt with the employees.

The business is a one-stop shopping center for plant and garden enthusiasts, specializing in growing bedding plants, hanging baskets, herbs, perennials and starter plants as well as others. All kinds of trees and shrubbery are also available at Long's.

Fall planting can be done from now until the ground freezes. Fall is the very best time to plant.

Pansies, mums, perennials, shrubs and trees are plentiful at Long's now. Lisa and her staff will be glad to help with planting, gardening and landscaping advice.

In addition to growing and selling plants, Long's rents plants for weddings, receptions and other events.

Today, Long's is one of Wayne County's most successful family businesses and a landmark for many in the Wayne County and Goldsboro area.