01/20/04 — More comply with grease trap rule

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More comply with grease trap rule

By Barbara Arntsen
Published in News on January 20, 2004 2:02 PM

Several of the eating establishments listed in last week's paper as not complying with the city's grease trap requirements are now coming into compliance.

Chief Inspector Ed Cianfarra said the Sof T Shop received a permit last week, and that Moe's Grill was waiting for a piece of equipment before obtaining a permit.

Faith Christian Academy, which was listed as being in non-compliance, has been in discussions since October with the city regarding whether it needed a permit or whether it could put in a modified version.

Cianfarra apologized for giving the impression that Faith Christian Academy had not responded to the city regarding installing a grease trap.

"I guess there was a breakdown of information, and it wasn't made clear," he said. "There have been numerous establishments we have talked to, but that has not relieved them of their obligation to come into compliance."

Cianfarra said that Faith Christian Academy felt it had extenuating circumstances, but the city hadn't determined that it did.

"If they have a proposal, we'll take it into consideration," he said.

Cianfarra said that several businesses were proposing different methods of handling the problems associated with not having a grease trap.

"In some cases we are having people come back after consulting with a plumber and giving us different proposals," he said.

Because the city's ordinance is not written to handle the exceptions, a special committee, along with consulting engineers, will determine whether the proposals meet the end results as written in the ordinance.

The Pizza Inn on Ash Street has submitted a proposal to the city, and the Five-Star Bagel Shop has worked out an extension.

"The Five-Star is considering moving locations," Cianfarra said, "so we're giving them additional time because it wouldn't make sense for them to put one in a location if they are going to move shortly."

The need for a grease trap is mandated by a city ordinance and was recommended by the state as a way to reduce sewer spills. The city's Inspection Department oversees compliance with the ordinance.

The other eating establishments that are still not in compliance are the China House, DART drug rehabilitation program, and El Latino.