01/26/04 — The Michael mystique

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The Michael mystique

By Gene Price
Published in News on January 26, 2004 2:00 PM

The Michael Jackson mystique has generated an endless saga with today's star-struck electronic media.

The rock star's arrest and upcoming trial for child molestation is among the "top headlines" in every day's television "news" programs.

Among consistent news-makers, Jackson ranks above the candidates for president.

The day he appeared -- finally -- for his arraignment, turned into a media extravaganza. Camera crews followed him for hours before he went to court and throughout the rest of the day which culminated with a gala party at his ostentatious home.

But then, why not!

Jackson did not simply show up for his court appearance. He made an entry -- almost a half-hour late. And while the procedure was not at all lengthy, Jackson had to be "excused" at one point to go to the bathroom.

That was a bit surprising. According to Jackson, the last time he dared go into a rest room while "in custody," he was subjected to brutal treatment and horrible conditions -- including being held for half an hour in a men's room that had excrement spattered on all the walls.

But what is far more spectacular has been Jackson's almost divine healing. He was featured on one recent television "opportunity" whimpering about police brutality that resulted in the dislocation of his right shoulder among other rather horrible looking bruises and abrasions.

Miraculously, he came away from his latest court appearance completely healed in both body and spirit.

Surrounded by screaming supporters, some who came from around the world, Jackson danced atop a vehicle, blew kisses with both hands and waved triumphantly with that arm that had been battered, bruised and dislocated by brutal acts of those despicable members of the local "Gestapo."

Unfortunately for Jackson, the judge presiding at the arraignment was not so star-struck as the rock fans surrounding the courthouse.

He admonished Jackson for being late: "You're getting off to a bad start." And suggested that he limit his liquid intake in order to not have to interrupt the proceedings to go to the little boy's room. (Pardon the expression.)

As for the electronic media, the arraignment obviously was seen as the most spectacular news event this side of the Second Coming. Jackson may be innocent of everything but indescretion. But that determination should be made in the courthouse - not the circus.