02/12/04 — Rosewood Elementary sponsors Character Week

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Rosewood Elementary sponsors Character Week

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on February 12, 2004 2:03 PM

What started as a class activity at Rosewood Elementary School has blossomed into a schoolwide project. Now, second-graders are asking the community to also join in promoting positive character traits.

Students in Wendy Hair's class are calling the five-day initiative "Rainbow Week." Students have designated a different positive character trait for each day of the week.

Monday's color was yellow, which stands for kindness. Blue was Tuesday's color, for self-control.

On Wednesday, the focus turned to responsibility, with white. Red was chosen to represent perseverance on Thursday. The emphasis concludes Friday with the color purple, which will stand for respect and pride.

"We wanted to have visual signs that everyone should have good character," Ms. Hair said. "We start character education in kindergarten. My students are learning how to lead by example. A trait like perseverance is critical so students can learn to keep going when they get knocked down."

The class made ribbons for students who may have forgotten to wear the appropriate color of the day. Instructional assistant Michele Howell also assisted the students in preparing for their big week.

"This is a wonderful project," she said. "It helps them to learn positive character traits, as well as teach each other things like respect."