03/04/04 — Faison to hear garbage proposals

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Faison to hear garbage proposals

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on March 4, 2004 1:57 PM

FAISON -- The town of Faison needs a new garbage-hauling contract and is planning to hear from two competing companies that want the business.

The town board decided to invite Waste Industries, which has been hauling the town's garbage to a landfill in Sampson County, and Onslow Container Service, which picks up for Beulaville and Magnolia, to make presentations at the next board meeting.

Waste Industries has fallen from grace with the town since some residents complained that the company was throwing their recyclable materials in with the rest of the garbage rather than keeping them separate for recycling.

A company official, Bill Hammond, told a group of angry people at the town board meeting last month that the people who did that no longer work for the company. He promised to make sure the recyclables make it to the recycling place.

The town's contract with Waste Industries has expired. The company was wanting $9.81 per container plus $26 per ton. The town did not accept that proposal.

Mayor Bill Igoe gathered other proposals, and he said Onslow Container Service wants to collect the garbage and the recyclable materials once a week for $10.69 per container and no tipping fee at the landfill.

Waste Industries came back with a $10.55 proposal with no tipping fee. But the company wanted a four-year contract, with the prices re-negotiated after two years.

"It's very inconvenient for us to change, all things being equal," said Mayor Igoe. "We'd have to get new containers. The drivers wouldn't know the streets."

It also concerns Igoe that Onslow Container Service is not recycling in the other towns. That company's recycling is limited in relation to Waste Industries, he said.

Commissioner Jane Hollingsworth moved to try Onslow Container Service. Waste Industries didn't come up with its present offer until after Onslow Container Service made its offer, she said.

"I don't think the people in Faison have much confidence in Waste Industries," she said. "I'd say let's go with Onslow."

But Commissioner J.E. Andrews said he's not sure he trusts Onslow Container. "We have the containers," he said, and the drivers for Waste Industries know the streets. "I'd just as soon stay with the same people."

Igoe says that he wants to make sure the town can end its contract if the performance is not satisfactory.

Updated zoning

The town board updated its zoning ordinance and approved new maps Wednesday night. It was the first update since 1973, but little has changed.

The central business district and the commercial district are separate on the new map.

Mobile homes that are already in a part of town that will be rezoned from Residential-20 to Residential-6 can stay. But no new ones can go there.

The extraterritorial jurisdiction will follow property lines instead of roads like on the old map.

Well, sewer work

Faison Public Works Director Richard Cameron reported that T.A. Loving Co. has dug a well and the retention tank for the town's new spray field.

The work that started last month was slowed by snow, but Engineer Bill Bremen with Earth Tech said he expects concrete to be poured at the site this week. "It's finally going forward," said Bremen earlier Wednesday. "We hope it will proceed on schedule."

The sewer system upgrade is expected to take a year.

As long as the town stays on schedule with the planned sewer upgrades, the state won't impose any more fines.

The town is also one month into the construction of a new water treatment plant. Engineer Charles McGougen with Hobbs Upchurch & Associates said Wednesday that it looks as if it will be an eight-month project. He said the work, also by T.A. Loving, started this week on the town's new well on Solomon Street.