03/05/04 — St. Paul teens fight world hunger

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St. Paul teens fight world hunger

By Linda Luck
Published in News on March 5, 2004 1:59 PM

Beginning today at 12:30, young people from St. Paul United Methodist Church began a fast in conjunction with the annual World Vision 30 Hour Famine.

One of the participants, Mollie Musgrave, said, "29,000 children die every day from hunger and other problems, but it takes only $30 to feed and care for a hungry child for a month and $360 to feed a child for a whole year. When I do the 30 Hour Famine, I know I can make a difference and change the lives of children forever. My goal is to feed at least two children for a year. I'm determined to bring that 29,000 number down."

During the 30 Hour Famine, students ask for sponsor donations as they go 30 hours without food to experience hunger and participate in activities that help them better understand life in a developing country. They have already raised about $1,000.

The students also take part in contests, games and community service projects to help others in Goldsboro.

The Rev. Lindsey Green, associate pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church, said, "We will meet at 6:30 p.m. to continue the Famine together. Some of our time is allotted for fellowship, study and worship together as well as plenty of fun at the Goldsboro Family YMCA."

Saturday service projects will include work at M.E.R.C.I. Center, Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

To end the event, the participants will eat rice and beans as they break their fast on Saturday night.

The money raised during the 30 Hour Famine will go to help feed hungry children and families in Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi, which have been devastated by AIDS, and countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as the United States.

Anyone who would like to make a donation to sponsor one of the 15 young people from St. Paul may call Lindsey Green at 734-2965.