03/08/04 — Board considers flight line zoning

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Board considers flight line zoning

By Matt Shaw
Published in News on March 8, 2004 1:58 PM

Should Wayne County zone hundreds of additional acres to limit development near Seymour Johnson's flight lines?

That question goes before the Wayne County Planning Board at its meeting Tuesday.

Zoning would require a public hearing and action by the Wayne County commissioners, who are unlikely to act until April at the earliest.

The county already has zoned land that's directly under the path of jet traffic. This includes land from the northeastern end of the runway, near U.S. 70, to the Greene County line and a smaller area off the southern end of the runway.

Generally, all property where the average noise level is 65 decibels or higher already has some restriction on its development.

But the county is now considering extending zoning up to half a mile outside the 65-decibel corridor.

That would be the first time hundreds of acres would be zoned. Some of the properties are on Parkstown, Beston and LaGrange Roads.

The Planning Board is considering initial zoning of residential-agricultural 20 (RA-20) for much of this land. That zone allows houses to be built on a minimum of 20,000-square-foot lots (approximately half-acre lots).

But some areas would be set for RA-30, which requires at least 30,000 square feet for home lots.

The county may also require sound-dampening materials in all new home construction in the high-noise areas. Builders would be required to reduce noise levels filtering into houses by 25-35 decibels, through the use os such materials as thicker glass in windows, solid-core doors and walls designed to muffle vibrations.

Other business

Also Tuesday, the Planning Board will consider the following subdivision plans:

*Red Oak Plantation, lots 1-40, N.C. 581 North, Fork township.

*Rachel K Village, section 2, lots 10-25, Antioch Road, Pikeville township.

*Autumn Ridge, section 3, lots 20-45, True Vine Road, Saulston township.

*Fairfield, section 6, lots 37-43, Rosewood Road, Fork township.

*Mitchell Place, section 1, lots 1-9, Nahunta Road, Buck Swamp township.

*Edgerton Farms Estates, section 2, lots 10-32, Nahunta Road, Buck Swamp township.

The board will also consider a request to change the name of Stratford Way to Love Memorial Drive.

The Planning Board will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Parker meeting room, Administration Building, 209 S. William St., Goldsboro.