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Public record

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on March 12, 2004 2:02 PM

Car overturns

Three people were treated at Wayne Memorial Hospital after their car rolled over on its side in a sharp curve Wednesday night on Eleventh Street in Goldsboro.

The driver, Nitin, Bearavolu of Poughkeepsie, New York, was treated and released and charged with reckless driving and driving while impaired. A passenger, Brenden Girschek of St. Andrews, Miss., was thrown through the back window of the 2003 Acura and was treated and released. Another passenger, Kevin Park of Stevens Mill Road, left the hospital against medical advice.

Goldsboro police say the car was going west on Eleventh and entering the curve when it went off onto the right side of the street, overturned and came to rest on its side.

The car sustained $18,000 worth of damage.


Goldsboro police were looking for Mary Anna Kennedy, 48, of Olivia Lane, who was reported missing this morning by her husband. James Kennedy said his wife is schizophrenic and diabetic and is taking various medications. He said she becomes confused and unaware of her surroundings. He could not be reached this morning to find out if his wife has returned home safely.

Fire on Mitchell Road

Firefighters and the N.C. Forestry Service put out a woods fire on Mitchell Road on Thursday afternoon that almost came up to the back yards of South Ridge Mobile Home Park.

Arrington Chief Randy Rogers said they haven't found out what caused it. The fire destroyed about four acres of woodland before the foresters plowed a fire line around it. There was no damage to property. The owner of the land is Jackie Mitchell.

"It's a bad time for a woods fire, this time of the year," said Rogers. "It's kind of dry, with a lot of foliage that's dried out from the winter, and the green hasn't come back yet. It's a vulnerable time. We were lucky."

Doctor's license suspended

A Goldsboro doctor has had his medical license suspended.

Dr. David Amsellem of Waynesboro Family Practice was deemed to be unable to practice medicine by the N.C. Medical Board on Wednesday.

According to the board, Amsellem was discharged from Wayne Memorial Hospital on Nov. 6 with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and was later admitted to Dorothea Dix where a similar diagnosis was determined. Amsellem received his medical license in 1976.


The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating the following crimes:

*A weapon was found on school property at Norwayne Middle School near Fremont. No charges were filed against the 13-year-old girl. The school is keeping the knife.

*Someone reportedly stole a wallet belonging to Jerry Linwood Hines Thursday night at his home on Eagles Nest Road, Dudley. The wallet and its contents were valued at $865.

*Someone did $115 worth of damage trying to get into the home of Jessica Wilson-Faith Deal on Indian Springs Road Thursday afternoon. They didn't get inside. She said she found the back door partially pried open and the screens to several windows cut. The scene was processed for fingerprints.

*Thieves broke into Young's Auto Center & Salvage at 4172 U.S. 117 S., Dudley, by cutting the security fence surrounding the auto yard. They removed an undetermined amount of car parts.

Goldsboro police are investigating the following crimes:

*Police are investigating an armed robbery in which the robbers struck a Goldsboro man twice in two days. Benjamin Franklin Wiggins of Walnut Street told police after they came to his home the second time that he knew he should report the crime when they threatened to kidnap him. He said they entered at gunpoint the first time Tuesday night and took several items after he said he did not have "the money." He said they came back Thursday night and took more items when he told them he didn't have "the money." Items taken included two watches and other jewelry, a microwave oven, a Weed Eater, a drill, a CD player and two fishing rods, all of an undetermined value.

*Taja Rhodes Spencer of South Herman Street brought her 10-year old son to the police station Thursday with a .25 caliber automatic pistol. The child said he trades a necklace for the handgun Tuesday at North Drive School. He said he got it from an 11-year old. Police checked the weapon and found it had been reported stolen in 1994 by Ulysses Edmond of Rocky Mount. The investigation continues.

*Someone broke into a storage closet under Daniel Flanagan Jr.'s carport on Ervin Drive and took $1,500 worth of hand tools. The door was locked, but police said it could bed pushed open while locked.

*Someone did $200 worth of damage to break into Walter Scott Allen's boss' Jeep while it was parked at 2400 Wayne Memorial Drive. He said they broke out the window and took an $80 dollar radar detector. Allen lives in Cary.

*Somebody used an ATM card that was canceled. Deborah Thompson of LaGrange told police she lost the card several months ago and contacted the State Employees Credit Union. She said it has been used twice at 113 Millers Chapel Road. The amount taken each time was $60, and each time, the bank released the money and imposed a $1.75 service charge.

*Bryan Armstrong said he walked out of his apartment on Peachtree Street Thursday morning and saw two men trying to get into his neighbor's apartment. They were last seen going south on Claiborne Street on bicycles. Damage to the rear door of the apartment was $100.