04/22/04 — Karen Peele named secretary of year

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Karen Peele named secretary of year

By Becky Barclay
Published in News on April 22, 2004 2:11 PM

Karen Peele won double honors Wednesday at the Secretaries' Day Luncheon.

She received a Golden Phone Award for the most considerate and was also named the 2004 Secretary of the Year.

Ms. Peele, who works at Wayne Memorial Hospital, consistently demonstrates service excellence, according to her nomination form. "She truly demonstrates integrity and individuality by respecting the dignity, worth and uniqueness of each human being and doing what is right in all circumstances."

Receiving the Golden Phone Award for the most resourceful was Sheri Pietrangelo with United Way. Her nomination form stated that she "is always eager to challenge each of us to find ways to strengthen the organization with her original and unique ideas."

Erica Story of The Pines of Goldsboro assisted living home received a Golden Phone Award for the most patient. According to her nomination form, she "takes her time with every phone call and sends a great customer service message to all of the customers."

The Golden Phone Award for the most diplomatic went to Cindy Rhodes of Reuel Inc. "This candidate wears many hats at her company, and she wears each one in a most diplomatic way. She deals with the difficult clients the same way she deals with the pleasant ones in a very professional way," according to her nomination form.

Receiving the Golden Phone Award for the most budget conscious was Wanda Thompson of Tommy's Road Elementary School. Her nomination form stated that she "never allows the staff to go over the budget and will never let you get a check before going through the proper procedure first."

The speaker for this year's luncheon was Linda Staunch, host of "Around Town" and president and chief executive officer of Linda Staunch and Associates.

She told the secretaries how to be indispensable to their bosses. She said it all starts with attitude.

"When you got dressed this morning, did you choose your attitude as carefully as you chose your clothing?" she asked. "Tell yourself that this day will be the best you can make it. It's your attitude. Wear it like you would wear your best suit of clothes."

Ms. Staunch also told the secretaries that what someone says about them is more important than what they say about themselves.

"What do your co-workers say about you when they are talking to someone else about you?" she asked. "Do they say you are a cooperative worker with a cheerful attitude or that you are hard to get along with?"

According to Ms. Staunch, another way to be indispensable to one's boss is to make the boss look good.

"Now why would you want to make your boss look good?" she asked. "It doesn't matter what organization or business you work for. How the business looks reflects back on you and is how you look."