07/01/04 — Walnut Creek annexes 205 acres

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Walnut Creek annexes 205 acres

By Barbara Arntsen
Published in News on July 1, 2004 1:58 PM

No increases in sewer or water bills and no increases in taxes. That was the decision Wednesday by the Walnut Creek Council when it approved its new budget.

The budget totals $865,200 and will include a 4 percent pay raise for employees.

There is money in the budget to build a restroom for the boat recreation area, and the village will buy a backhoe.

The village is also in the design stages for a town hall.

Mayor Ken Ritt said that the village has been saving to build the town hall, which would cost around $475,000 and won't be elaborate.

For the past three years, the village staff has been working in a trailer. Before that the work was being done out of the clerk's home. Meetings at one time were held at a nearby church. Now they are held at the Walnut Creek Country Club.

The architectural firm of Partin & Hobbs will present the design to the council at its next meeting.

Kathy Daniels, a new council member, was sworn into office during Wednesday's meeting. Mrs. Daniels replaces former Councilman Jack Best, who resigned because he was appointed to the county Board of Commissioners.

Sewer fee

The council also agreed to pay $339,000 by September to hook on to Goldsboro's sewer system. The money was scheduled to be paid at the end of June, according to the contract between Goldsboro and Walnut Creek.

The village asked for an extension until January because the bidding process has gone slower than anticipated, and money from the state for the project won't be released until bids have been received.

Goldsboro plans to sell bonds in November and didn't want a big deficit in its utility funds, so the city offered a two-month extension. If the money is received by Sept. 1, it still counts as a receivable for the previous year.

The village council voted to pay Goldsboro the money on Aug. 31. Bids for the project are now expected by mid-July.

Land annexed

The council voted to annex 10 parcels of land totaling 205 acres from Goldsboro Milling Co. and the Maxwell family.

Four plots totaling 103 acres are on the western side of the village on Lake Wackena Road. Two lots facing Dollard Town Road on the southwestern side of the village total 19 acres.

Three lots totaling 28 acres are not facing any road, but are back behind Mill Road, creating a new southern boundary for the village.

The remaining lot is 55 acres and faces Beston Road on the eastern side of the village.

By agreeing to annex the property, the village gains a 20-foot easement to Beston Road. That will allow the village to run sewer lines through undeveloped property, instead of down Walnut Creek Drive.

The village is also paying the property owners $8,430 for the easement.

The zoning for the area would be R-25 and R-35, a residential zone requiring large lots.