07/21/04 — Mooring upsets Chance in deeds primary

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Mooring upsets Chance in deeds primary

By Matt Shaw
Published in News on July 21, 2004 2:07 PM

Lois Mooring has a special request for her family, friends and other backers -- mow your lawns.

"I need to ask my supporters to cut around those yard signs a little longer," she said this morning

Mrs. Mooring will be campaigning until November because she upset Wayne County Register of Deeds John Chance in Tuesday's Democratic primary. She had 2,531 votes, or 55 percent of the countywide vote, to Chance's 2,087.

Lois Mooring


Chance had been nominated by party officials and appointed by the county commissioners to replace Debbie Lane, who retired. He will serve the office until December.

The vote total is unofficial until the county Elections Board's canvass of the returns next Tuesday. The county had around 160 provisional ballots that could still be counted, but that's not enough to affect this race.

She will now face Republican Chris West in the Nov. 2 general elections.

Mrs. Mooring, a deputy clerk in the clerk of court's office, is making her first run for public office and didn't know what to expect on Election Day, she said in an interview. She campaigned outside precincts for several hours Tuesday.

"I was sweating in more ways than one," she said.

Mrs. Mooring carried 21 of the 30 precincts. Chance's support was greatest inside Goldsboro, while Mrs. Mooring won the majority elsewhere in the county.

"I'm overjoyed at winning and deeply humbled by the confidence shown in me by the voters. I'll do my best to live up to that confidence," she said.

She offered her thanks to everyone who had assisted her. She held out special thanks "for my sister, Linda, and her husband, Gene, who put their lives on hold to help me with this campaign."

The unofficial vote totals by precinct were as follows:

*Fremont Fire Department (Precinct #1): Chance 41, Mrs. Mooring 99.

*Eureka United Methodist Church (#2): Chance 43, Mrs. Mooring 78.

*Little River Fire Department (#3): Chance 27, Mrs. Mooring 76.

*Pikeville Fire Department (#4): Chance 49, Mrs. Mooring 92.

*Belfast Fire Station (#5): Chance 47, Mrs. Mooring 87.

*Saulston Fire Station (#6): Chance 58, Mrs. Mooring 82

*New Hope Fire Department (#7): Chance 55, Mrs. Mooring 87.

*Oakland Fire Department (#8): Chance 22, Mrs. Mooring 58.

*Oak Heights Church (#9): Chance 52, Mrs. Mooring 56.

*Goldsboro Friends Church (#10): Chance 82, Mrs. Mooring 64.

*Greenleaf Christian Church (#11): Chance 53, Mrs. Mooring 83.

*Family Y (#12): Chance 86, Mrs. Mooring 102.

*Oak Forest Church of Christ (#13): Chance 81, Mrs. Mooring 67.

*New Hope Friends Church (#14): Chance 42, Mrs. Mooring 63.

*Spring Creek High School (#15): Chance 35, Mrs. Mooring 67.

*American Legion Post 11 (#16): Chance 28, Mrs. Mooring 74.

*Wayne Center (#17): Chance 52, Mrs. Mooring 39.

*W.A.G.E.S. (#18): Chance 51, Mrs. Mooring 39.

*Carver Heights School (#19): Chance 151, Mrs. Mooring 90.

*First African Baptist Church (#20): Chance 92, Mrs. Mooring 57.

*St. Luke United Methodist Church (#21): Chance 94, Mrs. Mooring 107.

*Greenwood Middle School (#22): Chance 67, Mrs. Mooring 90.

*Goldsboro Wesleyan Church (#23): Chance 37, Mrs. Mooring 30.

*Grantham Fire Department (#24): Chance 91, Mrs. Mooring 89.

*Mount Olive Civic Center (#25): Chance 69, Mrs. Mooring 93.

*Dudley Fire Department (#26): Chance 49, Mrs. Mooring 52.

*Brogden Middle School (#27): Chance 35, Mrs. Mooring 52.

*Indian Springs Fire Department (#28): Chance 39, Mrs. Mooring 87.

*Wayne County Public Library (#29): Chance 90, Mrs. Mooring 78.

*Southern Academy (#30): Chance 57, Mrs. Mooring 87.

*Absentee: Chance 312, Mrs. Mooring 306.

TOTALS: Chance 2,087, Mrs. Mooring 2,531.