07/23/04 — Woman reports dog poisoned

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Woman reports dog poisoned

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on July 23, 2004 1:57 PM

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating a report of animal cruelty at New Hope Trailer Park.

Clara Worley of Josh Lane told investigators she thinks somebody poisoned her dog. She said she found her dog dead around 9 a.m. Tuesday and went to the mail box and found some partially eaten luncheon meat with a crystal-like substance on it that she believes was the poison.

Ms. Worley told the News-Argus she is worried that one of her grandchildren might come in contact with of whatever killed 7-month-old Missie. She said Missie, one of her two dachshunds, was the fifth dog in the neighborhood to die between Saturday and Tuesday morning.

She said one of the neighborhood dogs was found dead in the yard of her daughter, who also lives in the park, during the weekend. By Tuesday afternoon, she said, two more dogs were found dead.

Ms. Worley said she's concerned about a poison being left out that is strong enough to kill a dog in the short time that Missie was out of her sight. She said her youngest grandchild, 2-year-old McKenzie, picks up things and puts them in her mouth.

The report filed with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office said Ms. Worley spoke to Jerry Pate of Animal Control, and he told her someone from the N.C. Department of Agriculture would contact her.

Sheriff's Capt. George Raecher said the Sheriff's Office is investigating.