08/01/04 — Opening of schools brings tips from sheriff

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Opening of schools brings tips from sheriff

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Published in News on August 1, 2004 2:03 AM

With Wayne County schools opening Tuesday, Sheriff Carey Winders has offered these safety tips to students and parents.

*Parents should reinforce school bus safety rules that children learned in school.

*Children must wait until the bus stops completely before getting on, they should never walk behind the bus, and they should always follow the driver's instructions.

*Drivers should remember that children are unpredictable and should slow down when traveling in a school zone.

*Drivers also should be prepared to stop if a school bus driver turns on the flashing lights, and they should never pass a stopped school bus.

Because of recent events in the nation, Winders says children also should be wary of strangers.

"Strangers can be very tricky," he said. "They can ask you to walk with them and show them something or someplace. They can offer to pay for a video game or ask for your help in finding a lost dog or cat.

"Do not be fooled," the sheriff said. "Remember, adults do not normally ask children for help.

Winders also offered these safety tips:

*Always walk with a friend, because two heads are better than one, especially in an emergency.

*Never take candy, money or anything from someone that you do not know well.

*Never enter a stranger's car or get too close to it if a stranger asks you questions.

*Do not tell anyone your name or address, and do not think that if a stranger knows your name and address that he knows your parents.

*If you think you are in danger, yell and run to the nearest store, "safe" house or back to school.

*Tell your parents or teacher if a stranger has approached you, even if nothing happened.

"Parents, by taking the time to carefully prepare your child on how to handle these situations," Winders said, "you can help ensure your child's safety at all times. I personally want to wish everyone a safe and happy school year."