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Published in News on August 9, 2004 1:55 PM

Owner misses party

A Wayne County man returned from a weekend vacation at the beach to discover that someone had thrown a party in his house.

Jamie B. Hankins, 43, of Windy Field Drive told officers that a six-pack of Mountain Dew, along with other miscellaneous food and drinks, were missing from his home. Also missing were a screw driver and a pair of boxer underwear.

Two of the bedroom doors were damaged, and there was a bag with beer cans in the trash, and there were dishes in the sink. Hankins told the deputies that it looked like someone had thrown a party, and he suspects a relative.

Beer bottle fight

Danny E. McCullen, 50, of Dudley, reported that Gregory Scott Harrison Jr. hit him on the head with a beer bottle.

According to the report, the Harrison was arguing with his mother. McCullen went in the room to see what was going on and was hit in the head with the bottle, the report said.

Harrison, 24, of Dudley, was charged with misdemeanor assault and placed under $800 bond.

Parking argument

Kevin Thomas McWale was charged with simple assault resulting from an argument over parked cars.

Michael M. Williams of Oakland Church Road in Princeton said that he and McWale were having a discussion about cars being parked in a path. McWale allegedly hit Williams in the jaw with his fist.

McWale, 49, of Cougar Lane, charged with simple assault and given a $300 bond.

Cocaine charge

The Mount Olive Police Department has charged Gilbert Owens of Tarheel Place in Mount Olive with driving with no license and possession of cocaine. Bond $2,500. He was charged Friday after being stopped for speeding on Center Street near East Wiliamson Street, Mount Olive police said.


Wayne County law-enforcement officers are investigating these reports:

*James Lee Rollins, 60, of Gurley Avenue said he returned home from a weekend trip and noticed that someone had tried to break-in. Pry marks were visible on the front door, and the door was damaged in the attempt.

*Gerardo G. Amriz, 28, of Ann Street reported that his $500 pit bull was stolen from his yard.

*Tommy Baker, the assistant chief of the Mar Mac Fire Department, reported that a 1990 Chevy Astro Van was burned off Hope Boulevard, causing around $2,000 damage. Baker told law enforcement officers that the van had been abandoned in the woods for about one year.

*Vaden Maurice Lee of Fremont said that his 1988 Jeep Cherokee and 1982 pop-up camper were stolen Thursday night. The jeep and the camper were estimated to be $3,000. Contents of the camper included a lantern, gas stove, hose, grill and awning, plus other items worth $1,000.

*Bobby Wayne Joyner of Black Creek Road in Fremont reported his red and black Honda motorcycle, worth $2,000, was stolen from his residence.

*Harvey L. Tyndall said someone broke in his house on Oak Circle Drive, stealing a washing machine valued at $100.

*Sadie C. Daughtery of Hamilton, Va., reported that a washer and dryer, ceiling fans, refrigerator, light fixtures and a cabinet set were stolen from a house she owns on Slocumb Street.

*Edna H. Jones of National Drive said material fell from the roof of the Huddle House Restaurant while she was at the drive through, causing $100 worth of damage to the top of her car.

*Anton M. Coley of Elm Street was driving on Olivia Lane on Friday night when three men threw bricks at his convertible. One brick put a hole in the top, and the second brick hit the right side door. Damages were estimated at $950. Coley told officers that he caught one suspect. He let the man go; however, after the suspect pulled out a gun.