09/12/04 — Garden Sport Festival

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Garden Sport Festival

By Barbara Arntsen
Published in News on September 12, 2004 2:05 AM

LaGRANGE -- Kids scrambled across the railroad tracks Saturday, sliding and slipping down the rocky embankment as they rushed over to LaGrange's Garden Spot Festival.

"I smell funnel cakes," panted one boy, as he stumbled past West Railroad Street towards the town's community park.

Vendors lined the street on a magnificent late summer day, selling jewelry, clothes, knickknacks, puppets, and baked goods.

Hot dogs, French fries, and candy apples were among the favored staples for the young crowd, as they munched and played.

Inside the park, two young swashbucklers held a duel with balloon swords, while other youngsters took their chance riding a small mechanical bull.

Clowns entertained by crafting balloons into various shapes and sizes, some of which were worn as hats.

A black and white pony patiently trod around in circles, giving happy kids a ride on its back.

Nearby, in a small fenced area, two llama's glared at the crowd, while fat little goats snatched up feed from outstretched hands.

A young girl kept feeding hay and pellets to a horned gray goat until her father told her to stop.

"He's going to throw up if you keep feeding him," he said.

A solitary camel stood inside a circular fence, gazing soulfully at the crowd. Every so often his head would stretch over the fence, letting people scratch his neck.

Past the games, in the far corner of the park, the LaGrange Rotary Club was busy with its annual plant and shrub auction.

"Do I have 12 - 12- 12," yelled the auctioneer, as he tried to sell a small pine. "How 'bout 'leben - leben- leben."

He finally got a bid of $17 before moving on to sell a tall yellow honeysuckle bush.

The money from the auction helps a number of community organizations, including the Boy Scout Troop and local scholarships.