09/27/04 — Habitat puts old warehouse to use

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Habitat puts old warehouse to use

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on September 27, 2004 1:57 PM

Habitat for Humanity volunteers are cleaning up the old Weil Dixie complex on South John Street to use for a storage warehouse.

The complex has been abandoned for about 10 years.

Habitat was storing a few things there prior to the cleanup, which started three weeks ago. But when it had to move out of its previous warehouse in July, Habitat decided to prepare it for its main storage area.

The Harvey Co. in Kinston owns the complex and is letting Habitat use the buildings free.

"It really is amazing," said Habitat President Bill Edgerton. "We're excited about having access to it."

Habitat volunteers have been cutting trees and undergrowth from around the buildings for the past three Saturdays.

Originally, one of the old buildings was used to sell farm supplies. Another one stored fertilizer and chemicals. Edgerton said a smaller building in the middle looked unusable at first. But now, he said, they have realized it would make a great shelter for vehicles.

The inside of the old farm supply store has part of its original rounded tile dome ceiling exposed. Edgerton said the volunteers will probably remove part of the false ceiling that is over the storage area of the building.

Light filters in through a high window at one end of the building, enhancing the curve of the dome. He said another section at the far end of the building has office spaces, which will eventually be cleaned up for use as offices.

"It's a unique building," said Edgerton.

The large warehouse is being rented by someone else now, said Edgerton. The things moved from the other storage space are in the farm center.

"We always need storage," said Edgerton. "We get paint donated, but we have to get it in orders of 250 gallons at a time. And if somebody comes up with a truckload of stuff to donate, then we'll have some place to put it."