11/07/04 — A review of Milo Batista concert

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A review of Milo Batista concert

By Winkie Lee
Published in News on November 7, 2004 2:05 AM

Oh, to have the energy and lung power of Milo Batista!

The musician and his family entertained a Wayne County audience Thursday night at Dillard School when Wayne Community Concerts presented the second performance of its 2004-05 season.

Batista played a variety of instruments, including South American flutes, and often danced while doing so.

The concert the four-member family presented was filled with the energy and joyfulness of Andean music played on instruments many people in this country seldom -- if ever -- see.

There was also a medley of North American songs played to demonstrate how they sounded on these interesting instruments. Among the selections were "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "My Heart Will Go On" (from the movie, "Titanic") and "In the Mood."

The instruments included the cha-chas, an instrument worn around the wrist and shaken. What causes the sound? Sheep's toenails.

There were the palo de luvia, a large stick that produces rain-like sounds; and the charangoes, guitar-like instruments, one of which had an armadillo shell for a back, and one which had wood.

Numerous flutes were played, including the seven-hole flauta and the zamponas, which had two layers of pipes.

In addition to the music, which earned Alborada some cheers, there was humor as well.

And, while Batista did have to catch his breath after one particularly energetic number, the enthusiasm never diminished. After an impressive performance of "The Flight of the Condor," followed by a standing ovation from the audience, the family members did an encore that had them dancing and jumping.

The Thursday concert was a return visit for Alborada, which was also a featured act during Wayne Community Concerts' 2002-03 season.

The concert was dedicated to the memory of John and Jean Alley, supporters of Wayne Community Concerts.