12/02/04 — County plans cooking oil recycling

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County plans cooking oil recycling

By Matt Shaw
Published in News on December 2, 2004 1:59 PM

Wayne County has started a new program to help people out with some holiday "leftovers."

This week, the county began a recycling program for used cooking oil. Two barrels have been set up at the county landfill to collect the liquid and solidified waste from deep fat fryers and other containers.

Solid Waste Director Lloyd Cook said the county typically gets several calls during the holiday season from people who want to dispose of grease.

These calls have increased with the growing popularity of deep-frying turkeys, he said. Some people only use those cookers once a year and want to clean them out afterward.

Dan McGraw, the county's recycling technician, called a local restaurant to find out what it does with its used oil. He then contacted Carolina By-products of Rose Hill, which is providing the barrels and will periodically collect them.

The program will not cost the county anything, other than the space at the landfill and whatever time it takes to help customers.

There will be no charge to the public, either. People who want to dispose of grease should bring it to the landfill on South Landfill Road off Durham Lake Road south of Goldsboro, and go across the scales, just as they would bring anything else to the landfill.

The attendant will direct them and arrange assistance if needed.

If the program is popular, it will be expanded to the other dump sites.

Carolina By-products is a subsidiary of Valley Proteins Inc., a major rendering company that operates in at least nine states. It collects inedible waste for slaughtering operations and used cooking grease from restaurants, which it turns into liquid fats and protein meals for use in animal feed.