12/05/04 — City to consider Slozak extension and anti-begging law

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City to consider Slozak extension and anti-begging law

By Barbara Arntsen
Published in News on December 5, 2004 2:06 AM

City Manager Richard Slozak may stay on as city manager for another month, or more, while the Goldsboro City Council continues its search for a new manager.

The council will also consider passing a panhandling ordinance. Last month several councilmen said they had received numerous complaints about panhandling within the city limits, and they asked Slozak to prepare an ordinance banning the activity.

Though negotiations are under way for a new city manager, the council doesn't anticipate that a new manager will be in place before Slozak's retirement. He is scheduled to retire at the end of this month, after working for the city for more than 30 years.

On Monday the council will consider extending Slozak's employment on an interim basis, beginning Jan. 4 and ending Feb. 2. As interim city manager he will receive $12,000, whether or not he serves the entire four-week period.

The council will also have the option of extending Slozak's services as interim manager on a week-by-week basis, but not to exceed four weeks. He would get paid $3,000 per week.


The panhandling ordinance would prohibit begging within the city in any public place or place open to the general public. This includes sidewalks, bridges, parks, plazas, public transportation and parking lots.

The ordinance states that when panhandling is observed by a law enforcement officer, the individual will be issued a warning citation. If the person immediately stops panhandling, no arrest will be made. If the person doesn't comply with the officer's request, he will be arrested.

If an officer responds to a citizen's complaint regarding panhandling, the panhandler will receive a citation unless he is a repeat offender.

Other business

In other matters the council will:

*Receive its annual audit.

*Consider a revised building elevation plan for Ash Street Commons. The property is on the southeast corner of east Ash Street and Madison Avenue.

*Consider a final subdivision plat from John W. Thompson. The property is on the south side of Wayne Avenue between George Street and John Street.

*Consider a site and landscape plans for Berkeley Commons. The property is on the west side of North Berkeley Boulevard between Parkway Drive and Hill Drive Circle.