12/10/04 — Food warehouse dedicated

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Food warehouse dedicated

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on December 10, 2004 1:57 PM

KENANSVILLE -- U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre helped Word of Faith Ministries dedicate a 14,500-square-foot warehouse and outreach training center.

About 60 people attended the ceremony and open house at the warehouse Thursday at 1268 N.C. 11 and 903. The warehouse sits on eight acres about half way between Kenansville and Pink Hill.

Maynard "Bud" Quinn, who founded Word of Faith Ministries, began distributing food 21 years ago in response to a grandmother who needed food for her family. They had not eaten in three days.

"We visited with them and found there's a real need in Duplin County, North Carolina and other states," said Quinn after welcoming the people to the dedication ceremony. "There was a lot being done in foreign countries. We wanted to do something locally.

The ministry grew from the back of his car to a 500-square-foot building a widow had donated.

Then one day, a company sent the equivalent of 17 tractor trailer loads. The ministry started using about 4,000 square feet of a 14,500-square-foot building.

When Hurricane Floyd swept through eastern North Carolina, the ministry had grown to where it could deliver food to all of the trailer lots in six counties that were provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for flood victims.

Now, the ministry delivers food to about 1,000 families a year using an 18-wheeler and three trailers that can be pulled behind it -- one at a time. In one trip, it will haul 80,000 pounds of food, including canned goods and fresh fruit. This week, he said, the ministry gave away 10,000 pounds of bananas.

"I can't say thank you enough to all these foundations that have helped us," he said. "All the canned goods out there, we purchased locally with money that was donated."

Garry Garris of the Cape Fear Memorial Foundation in Wilmington said he walked into the building, and it was better than he had imagined. The foundation provided $75,000 toward the construction project and another $30,000 for the walk-in cooler and freezers. The building cost $246,000, including the cooler and freezers.

He congratulated the ministry and its volunteers. "We look forward to more opportunities to work with you in the future," he said.

Rep. McIntyre told the group that Word of Faith Ministries offers hope, heart and help. Many are hurting and in need, he said. Many say why don't "they do something?"

But he said the answer lies not with just government, not with just civic leaders. It takes everyone in the community, he said. "You're sharing both faith and vision. You're willing to go out there and do the work, and you're not waiting for someone else to do it."

Zettie Williams, vice chairman of the Duplin commissioners, commended the Quinns and the volunteers for the unselfish use of their time, talent and service. "We're very proud and most honored to know we have such a facility in Duplin County to reach out and service each other," she said.

John M. Branch, the oldest volunteer, is 88 "and seven months." He delivers food for the ministry to the senior citizens at two churches. "One lady is 98 years old. The senior citizens really look forward to it."

John Paul Murphy, 14, the Quinns' grandson, is the youngest volunteer.

"I helped pack the food boxes," he said while talking to visitors touring the warehouse.

The large room held stacks of boxes. Some had been packed to deliver to families. They contained a wide variety of things, like powdered milk, cereal, peanut butter, noodles, canned vegetables, beef stew and orange juice.

Maria Romero, an outreach volunteer for AMEXCAN Duplin, said she came to thank the ministry for helping the people with whom she has been working. "I'm glad they're here and giving to everyone," she said.

Word of Faith Ministries can be reached by calling 910-296-1728 or 910-296-1706. Donations are tax deductible.