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Public records

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Published in News on December 28, 2004 2:04 PM

Drug arrest

Douglas Andrew Best, 44, of Goldsboro was charged Saturday with one count of possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine, one count of possession with intent to sell and deliver methaphetamine, one count of possession with intent to sell and deliver ecstasy, one outstanding warrant for arrest for drug and weapons charges from the department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and one outstanding warrant for a probation violation.

Several deputies assisted in arresting Best, include Aaron Cantwell, Kenneth Grice, Jayson Hill, and C.T. Arnold.

Best is being held in the Wayne County Jail under a $40,000 bond.

Bojangles arrest

Charlie Herring of Banks Court, Goldsboro, was arrested Sunday and charged with felony larceny. Herring is accused of taking money from the safe at Bojangles on North Spence Avenue.

On Sunday, Steve Cook, a manager at Bojangles, opened the locked safe at the restaurant and removed a money bag. The bag was filled with paper towels, instead of money. Cook told officers that only he and another manager knew the code to the safe.

Herring was placed in the Wayne County Jail under a $7,000 bond.

Bicyclist injured

Jose Dominguez, of Seven Springs, was taken to Wayne Memorial Hospital Friday with serious injuries after the bicycle he was riding collided with a car.

The accident occured around 4 p.m. on N.C. 55. According to the report, Gerardo Saucedo, of Casey Mill Road, was driving a 1998 Chevrolet east on N.C. 55. Dominguez was traveling northeast in a yard, but then made an abrupt left turn as Saucedo's car approached. The car and the bicycle collided, causing the bike to go off the road to the right.

According to a state Highway Patrol report, Dominguez was ejected from the bicycle, coming to rest 79 feet away from the point of impact.

The investigation is continuing.


Deputies from the Wayne County sheriff's office are investigating the following incidents:

*A report of a breaking and entering Monday between 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The incident happened at the home of Michael Earl Dudley on Everettsville Road in Dudley. Stolen were a Playstation II Game System, game system discs and some DVD's. The items were valued at around $800.

*Four reports of damage to mailboxes throughout the county between Saturday and Monday. The damage occured to mailboxes on Hood Drive, Stoneybrook Road, Hood Swamp Road and Forest Knolls Road.

*A report by Joseph Venezia of a lost .38 caliber revolver, valued at $120.

*A report of a breaking and entering at the home of Samuel Parks in Mount Olive. Missing were a television, two VCR's and a stereo, valued at $200.

Officers from the Goldsboro Police Department are investigating the following incidents:

*A report by Jackie Barnes of a stolen wallet. Ms. Barnes said that someone stole her wallet from her bedroom. The five-dollar wallet had six dollars in cash in it, plus four credit cards.

*A report by Michille Hines of John Street of a breaking and entering. Ms. Hines reported that her television, DVD player and VCR were stolen. The items were worth approximately $525.

*Charles Linwood Oates reported that a person he knew assaulted him with a two-by-four piece of wood after an argument about money. The person then allegedly took $20 from Oates.

*Ian Harper, 40, of Thiel Drive, said he was robbed at gunpoint outside Teaser's nightclub Friday night. According to the report, the suspect took $85, Harper's bank card and two credit cards.

*It's Fashion, a store on Spence Avenue, said that a male took three coats, valued at $105 from a rack near the front door around 6 p.m. Thursday.

*Jerome Allen, 32, of Lime Street reported Monday that he had been shot in the heel of his left foot while he was walking towards Ash Street from the intersection of Mulberry and Lewis. According to the report, the incident occurred on Dec. 17, but Allen didn't report it for 10 days. He allegedly told police officers that he decided to report it because the injury was hurting. According to the report, no bullet was found and there was no entry wound. There was some type of injury to the heel.