01/07/05 — We won't be fooled -- but mild temperatures sure are nice

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We won't be fooled -- but mild temperatures sure are nice

By Karinne Young
Published in News on January 7, 2005 2:11 PM

Wayne County residents are not easily fooled. While not averse to enjoying this long stretch of unusually warm weather, they know it won't last.

Nevertheless, insects have crawled out of hibernation and plants are flirting with the idea of blooming, if they haven't already.

The National Weather Service in Raleigh says dry sunny days and temperatures near 70, with lows that are more like the average highs at this time of year, will be the rule at least through next Thursday.

There have been years, not forgotten by natives, when warm Januarys have been followed by 20 inches of snow in February.

The Raleigh weather service notes that the Climate Prediction Center, which issues long-term forecasts, is saying that a dramatic shift in the weather pattern is expected in about 14 days, or around Jan. 20. The change could bring colder temperatures and more moisture and possibly winter-like conditions soon enough.

Highs Wednesday and Thursday were 72 and 75 respectively, about 20 degrees above normal.