01/14/05 — Ash Street sidewalk project advancing

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Ash Street sidewalk project advancing

By Barbara Arntsen
Published in News on January 14, 2005 2:00 PM

Unseasonably warm temperatures have allowed the city to move faster than expected on its Ash Street sidewalk project, which will bring sidewalks all the way up to Berkeley Boulevard.

Goldsboro received $44,625 in enhancement funds from the state transportation department to build five-foot wide sidewalks along the south side of Ash Street from Oleander Avenue to Berkeley Boulevard.

New sidewalks

News-Argus/Dennis Hill

City crews are busy working on an Ash Street sidewalk project. When completed, the sidewalks on the south side of the street will stretch from Oleander Avenue to Berkeley Boulevard. Operating the backhoe is Doug Henricksen, and working in the foreground is Corey Oates.

Only the south side of the street will get the sidewalks. City Manager Richard Slozak said that development and landscaping stopped the city from putting sidewalks on the north side of Ash Street.

Though the state Department of Transportation is footing the bill, the job is being done by city workers and with city equipment.

"This is an excellent project," said Slozak. "We should finish by June, weather permitting. We're almost down to Claiborne already."

Slozak said that the area between Randolph Street and Stoney Creek would need a retaining wall, which couldn't be done until the summer.

The city plans to apply for more state enhancement money to build sidewalks in other areas in Goldsboro. Slozak said the city hoped to build some on Berkeley Boulevard and on Wayne Memorial Drive.