04/19/05 — County officials set sucession plan

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County officials set sucession plan

By Barbara Arntsen
Published in News on April 19, 2005 1:47 PM

Wayne County is putting a succession plan in place for its key positions so the county will not be left unprepared if someone leaves unexpectedly.

"What if I was hit by a bus tomorrow?" County Manager Lee Smith asked. "Who is my successor? There has to be continuity in government."

To make sure that the county still runs smoothly, Smith has created a succession plan for each department.

The plan identifies key positions and internal candidates who could step right into the job. If there are no internal candidates identified, then there's an action plan in place to prepare someone in the department.

Smith has identified Sue Guy and Joe Gurley as the two people who could step in if something happened to him.

The two of them attend commissioner meetings and work sessions to make sure they keep current with on-going projects, he said.

"Every key position will have a succession plan," Smith said.

The county is also encouraging employees to take ownership of their well-being by participating in two Wellness Programs each year and to have a physical each year.

"Those covered under the county plan who do not meet those two standards will be required to pay $20 per month toward their health plan for the following fiscal year," Smith said.

Not only will that encourage the employees to stay healthy, Smith said it could also lower the county's health insurance costs.