04/28/05 — Norma Powell named Secretary of the Year

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Norma Powell named Secretary of the Year

By Becky Barclay
Published in News on April 28, 2005 1:49 PM

Four of the six award winners in the Wayne County Secretary of the Year competition work at Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Winners were announced during an Administrative Professional Secretary's Day Luncheon held Wednesday at the Goldsboro Country Club. The annual competition is sponsored by the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce.

Norma Powell, who works in patient services at the hospital, was chosen Secretary of the Year.

Her nomination said Ms. Powell has been a loyal employee for more than 40 years and is the type of worker that any business would be proud to have.

"This nominee helps others to be successful," the nomination statement said. "She believes that everyone can be successful if you have the right attitude and mentor."

Five secretaries received Golden Phone Awards.

Harriett Jones, who also works at the hospital, received the award for being the most resourceful secretary. According to her nomination form, "she has proven to be an excellent resource for the manager and educator in knowing which department to access for information."

The award for most considerate secretary went to Sheryl Braswell, who works with volunteer services at the hospital. According to her nomination, she is "someone who never forgets a birthday or special occasion. Her special touch and caring is felt long after the card has been sent."

Receiving the award for most patient secretary was Janet Hope of Keen Plumbing. Her nomination said that she daily demonstrates patience and understanding. She is "most definitely patient and will show you the kindness you need."

Cindy Konig of the hospital support services staff was presented an award for the most diplomatic secretary. According to her nomination, she "is faced with everyone from upset patients and/or family members to pesky and obnoxious phone solicitors to contractors who seem not to have a clue. She handles them all with ease."

The award for the most budget conscious secretary went to Sheri Pietrangelo of United Way. Her nomination stated that anyone going to the United Way office will hear these comments about her: "Our money lasts longer and works harder. Our costs are low, and the value is high. We get more bang for the buck."

The speaker for the luncheon was Dr. John Inzerillo of Southeastern Medical Oncology Center. His topic was relaxation and rejuvenation.

He said everyone has the power to create his own peace with mind and body. He said people are made up of energy and if their minds and bodies are in harmony, they will have the energy to overcome any obstacle.

Inzerillo said there are three types of energy. One deals with willpower and determination. But if people try to rely on that energy alone, they will become useless.

The second type of energy deals with inertia, dullness and sleep. He said it is a good energy to have if you are going to bed, but not if you have work to do.

The third type of energy involves peacefulness, clarity and happiness. He called it the "energy of the silent observer" and said it is the way to find calmness and inner peace.

"We all can relax at any moment we want to," Inzerillo said. "But you give that power away to 'button pushers.'"

He said people can reach that level of relaxation by believing in themselves and by trusting those around them.

"Take care of yourself," he said. "Listen to the sounds around you. Let the sounds come in and not make your body like a hard rock, but soft. There's strength in stillness."

Inzerillo said people under stress can calm themselves by being conscious of their breathing, making sure it is steady and level.

"Our breathing is with us all the time," Inzerillo said. "It's the only constant in our lives."

He demonstrated a three-part breathing technique that can help ease stress. People should breathe in and fill up the lower belly with air, then the middle chest and finally the upper chest. They should then exhale, emptying the upper chest, middle chest and belly and push the belly button in toward their spine.

During the luncheon, Steve Hicks, president of the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce, praised the administrative professionals and secretaries, saying that they play a special part in the business community. Wayne Community College, the Family Y, the hospital, Southeastern Oncology Group radio stations WKIX, WGBR and WFMC.