05/17/05 — Talk about water dominates Calypso budget discussion

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Talk about water dominates Calypso budget discussion

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on May 17, 2005 1:45 PM

CALYPSO -- Town commissioners held a workshop at Town Hall Monday night to discuss next year's budget.

Talk about water needs dominated the discussion. Gerald Lanier, the town's water plant operator, warned the board members they need to consider upkeep of the water system when they start planning what to spend next year.

The filters in the plant will have to be back-washed more often if the town uses its new well, Lanier said, adding that the screens on the new well are shallow, and that it is only being used in emergencies for now. He compared the screens to a car oil filter. The quicker the filter gets dirty, the dirtier the oil will get, he said.

Lanier said the filters are into their seventh year, and they need to be maintained. He recommended working into the budget about $15,000 to re-work the filters.

Both of the town's water tanks need painting inside and out, Lanier said, and the town is seeking bids to find out how much it will cost to paint one or both.

The newer tank needs a fence around it, Lanier said. Mayor Tom Reaves said that would cost about $800. He said the town could take care of a tank next year and let the filters wait another year.

Town officials also said the water plant needs a dialing machine that calls Lanier when the electricity goes out and the generator needs to be started or the water level is too low. The town has received a bid for $500 for materials and installation but that does not include the cost of a phone line.