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Published in News on July 1, 2005 1:45 PM

Rash of break-ins

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating several break-ins that occurred in the county.

*Thieves took five PlayStation games and a controller valued at $390 from the home of Eugenia Denise Aldridge on U.S. 117 Alternate, Dudley. They came in through a back window, and deputies found the controller in her front yard. A witness reported seeing two men behind the house.

*A break-in at the workshop at Tony Earl Marshburn's home on Dollard Town Road netted hand tools, power tools and a tool box, all worth about $950.

*Someone reportedly stole a four-wheeler around 1:30 a.m. today from the home of Rodney Wayne Whitley on Airport Road. The 2003 Bombadier Quest was worth about $4,700, and it had fishing gear on it valued at another $1,150.

*Thieves broke into two rental homes on Julie Lane that are owned by Terry Lee Houston of Cresent Drive, Dudley. Entry was gained through a back window, and items taken included a window air-conditioning unit and a refrigerator, both valued at $750.

*Investigators found fingerprints after a break-in reported Thursday afternoon at the home of Jessica A. Brock on Dollard Town Road. Entry was gained by breaking a back window, and items taken included an X-Box game system, two laptop computers, a cellular telephone and a bag, all valued at about $4,280.

*A witness said he threw a rock at a marked pickup truck following a break-in at the home of Michael Lamonte Barnes of Rifle Range Road. Items taken included three PlayStation games, a DVD and cash, all valued at $500. The witness said he confronted the man trying to get in through the back door. He said the man ran to the truck and drove away. He said the man was 5 feet 7 inches tall, about 150 pounds, slim and blond with medium-length hair. The truck was described as a white Ford Ranger with big blue letters on it.

Identities stolen

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating three reports of identity theft:

*Jessica Ray Edwardsd of Saulston Road said she found $6,000 worth of charges were made on her credit card. She said she was at a store Wednesday buying a gift for a friend, and the clerk said the Chase Bank declined the transaction on her platinum Visa card.

*Paul Coraccio of Ellington Way, LaGrange said someone used his credit card number to make an unknown amount of purchases. He said on Tuesday Motorolla called him to verify a credit card purchase. He told the person calling that he had not ordered anything there. He said he was told the credit card number was used to purchase items there and the goods were to be shipped to a "Walsh" in Rochester, New York. He said he called the credit card company and learned several other unauthorized purchases had been made.

*Anthony H. Little of Brogden Street, Dudley said someone took his Social Security number and obtained a Sprint telephone in his name. He said he found out about it from his credit report.

Scammed by mail

A mail fraud scam cost Johnnie Atkinson of Mooring Lane $5,000, according to a sheriff's report filed Thursday. Atkinson said a check for $6,800 arrived in the mail with instructions to deposit it and to send back $6,200 to pay the taxes on the prize she supposedly won in a sweepstakes.

She said a BB&T official called her and said the check was counterfeit, and she owes the bank $5,000.

Crimes in the city

The Goldsboro Police Department is investigating the following crimes:

*Waynesborough Park at 801 S. U.S. 117 reported the larceny of a Civil War pistol replica valued at $500.

*Police responded to an alarm at the Stuff store at 312 N. Randolph St. and found the front door broken and a rock on the inside of the store. Three swords were taken, all valued at a total of $210, and damage to the door was $400.

*The Winn Dixie at 1805 Wayne Memorial Drive reported a man tried to use three counterfeit $100 bills to make a Western Union transaction.


Nobody was hurt in two traffic accidents on Wayne Memorial Drive that were investigated Thursday afternoon by the Goldsboro police.

A four-car pile-up resulted when Erin Brooke Wheeler of Summit Drive ran into the rear of a car driven by Wendy Lee Fields of Bennett Farm Lane between Lockhaven Drive and Eleventh Street. Ms. Fields' car ran into the rear of a car driven by Lisa Windham Huggins of Fremont, and she ran into the rear of Aretha Melissa Gray's car. Ms. Gray is from Greensboro.

Ms. Wheeler was charged with failure to reduce spoeed.

Damage was $4,000 to the 2004 Toyota driven by Ms. Wheeler and Ms. Fields' 2001 Nissan. Damage was $1,000 to Ms. Huggins' 1995 Toyota and $500 to Ms. Gray's 2000 Toyota.

The other collision occurred when a pickup truck driven by James Benjamin Morgan of Springhill Street in LaGrange pulled into the path of a pickup driven by Thurman Charlton Futch Jr. of Marianna Drive. Morgan was charged with a safe movement violation. He had tried to turn left onto Wayne Memorial from Cox Boulevard while Futch was driving on Wayne Memorial toward New Hope Road.

Damage was $10,000 to Morgan's 1991 Chevrolet truck and $8,000 to Futch's 1995 Ford truck.