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Public Record

By News-Argus Staff
Published in News on July 3, 2005 2:00 AM

Faces charges

Goldsboro police charged Maurice Andrew Williams, 23, of Pleasant Pines Drive, Dudley, with resisting an officer and larceny after an A Street man said he robbed him.

Steven Tyrone Barnes said he was robbed while he was in a parking lot in the 800 block of West Grantham Street. He said the man approached him, told him to give him money, grabbed him by the arm, took $50 from him and ran east behind the Wayne Motel. Williams was placed under $1,000 bond.


The Goldsboro Police Department is investigating the following crimes:

*Gary Lee Litaker of Dollard Town Road told police someone mailed him a $4,500 check and told him to cash it and send part of the money to another person. The letter said to call a woman, who told him to send a money gram for $3,020 so she could send him "his $154,000 in winnings from a lottery." He said he went to cash the check but was told it was counterfeit.

*Police discovered a break-in early Saturday morning at Boulevard Pawn Shop at 300 N. Randolph St. An officer heard the alarm and found the window had been removed, the jewelry display case smashed by a large rock and $8,000 worth of gold chains missing.

*An SUV was reported stolen from the parking lot of its owner Saturday morning. Patrick Johnson of North Spence Avenue said he went out of his apartment and discovered his 1998 Ford Explorer, valued at $8,000, gone.

*Anthony Darden of North William Street told police Saturday morning someone broke the door latch off his storage shed and took his moped. Damage to the door latch was $25. The Thunderbike, valued at $900, was described as red with yellow stripes and scratches on the body.

*A man opened a checking and savings account with checks from a closed account at the State Employees Credit Union at 1804 N. Blvd. A bank employee said the person made four more deposits and withdrew money before they found out the account had been closed.

*Somebody reportedly took the rocking chairs off Joseph Wellman's front porch on Evergreen Street. They were valued at $200.

*Someone entered the home of Geraldine Braswell on Seymour Drive and took a Playstation 2 and controller, valued at $150. Entry was gained by cutting a window screen and pushing open the window.

*The Waffle House at 502 N. Berkeley Blvd. reported Friday an employee removed $91 from the register.

*Beverly Artis told police someone kicked in the side door to her home on Berry Street while she was shopping and moved her mattress and bedding and pulled the computer desk away from the wall. But she said she didn't find anything missing. Damage to the door and frame was $150.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating the following crimes:

*A larceny of a motor vehicle was reported Friday morning from the home of Brittany Foster on Hooks River Road, Fremont. She said her silver 2001 Honda Civic four-door was valued at $10,500, and her purse and contents inside the car was valued $518. She said the Honda, which has a scratch in the middle of the back bumper, had been parked under the carport at her home. The report said the keys were possibly in the front passenger area, and the doors were unlocked.

Traffic report

The Goldsboro Police Department is investigating several collisions in which nobody was reported injured:

*Zay Harold Jones Jr. of U.S. 117, Fremont, was charged with driving with no operator's license and failure to reduce speed Saturday afternoon following a rear-end collision coming off the West Ash Street ramp onto U.S. 117 South. The report said the 2000 Dodge Jones was driving sustained $3,000 damage after he ran into a 1992 Chevrolet driven by Jose Tiredo of Newton Grove. The Chevrolet sustained $1,000 in damage.

*Monique Davis Reaves of Wilmington Avenue was charged with failure to reduce speed after she fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a light pole on Grantham Street approaching Virginia Street. She was unhurt, but her 1993 Isuzu sustained $5,000 damage, and the damage to the light pole was $200.

*The driver of a tractor-trailer truck struck a guard rail Friday morning while he was trying to avoid hitting a motorist he said cut him off on U.S. 70 East. Jeff Brown of Grifton said he was approaching the on-ramp from West Grantham Street to the U.S. 70 bypass when the other driver, who was in a burgundy vehicle, merged onto the bypass.

Brown told police he moved into the left lane to give him room, but the other driver moved into the left lane, too. Brown said he slammed on brakes, and that caused him to run into the guard rail. He was not charged, but his 1993 International rig sustained $3,500 damage.