09/18/05 — Seminar on incontinence is Tuesday

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Seminar on incontinence is Tuesday

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on September 18, 2005 2:01 AM

A local urologist hopes his free seminar this week will not only educate incontinence sufferers, but dispel some of the myths that nothing that can be done about it.

Dr. John Kaspar of Wayne Urological Associates said that many are afraid to talk about the embarrassing problem. After all, he said, the subject of urine leakage when someone laughs, coughs or sneezes isn't exactly a dinner table topic.

Kaspar said the problem is common among women over 50, but until recently the only repairs available had a relatively high failure rate. He is among a small number of physicians across the country performing new procedures that have met with excellent results.

The procedures for pelvic floor repairs are called perigee, for fixing the bladder, and apogee, designed to fix problems with the rectum. Each is typically performed as outpatient surgery and take less than an hour.

"Most people go home with a catheter, the same day," Kaspar said.

The success rate is also improved, he said.

"In previous procedures, you could tack it up and have a 50 percent recurrence rate in five years," he said. "We have better outcomes now. Most people have a 5 percent rate of recurrence.

One of the big myths about incontinence, Kaspar said, is that it's just a part of getting old.

"They need to know there are easy ways to help with that," he said.

With many hesitant to discuss it, bringing it out in the open through a public forum can be helpful. When he conducted a similar seminar last year, he was pleasantly surprised that 50 people showed up. Of those, many were relieved to know they were not the only one and that that there was help, he said.

The latest seminar will be held Tuesday evening at 6:30 in the Wayne Memorial Hospital auditorium. There will be a brief presentation, followed by an interactive question and answer session.