09/20/05 — Kindergardner organizes fundraiser

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Kindergardner organizes fundraiser

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on September 20, 2005 1:46 PM

Little Michael Humphrey saw the devastation of Hurricane Katrina on television.

So, when his class decided they wanted to do something to help the families on the Gulf Coast, he knew just what to do.

"I got the money from my piggy bank," the shy, 5-year-old said, matter of factly.

Michael and his classmates at D.S. Simmons Academy at Deeper Life Church Ministries Inc. didn't raise much for their new friends, New Orleans evacuees, Kenneth and Tina Toussaint.

But for the Toussaints and their granddaughter, Cierra Johnson, 5, who is also a member of Aloha Turner's kindergarten class at the church, $60 was a big deal because it came from the heart.

The Toussaints recently evacuated to Goldsboro when their home in New Orleans was damaged by flood waters.

For Cierra, that made a tragedy most people saw on television, real.

"I lived there," she said. "It was scary."

Feronte Webb, 4, said he was afraid for the kids, too.

So, he prayed.

But he also wanted to make sure they had the essentials.

"They need the money so they can have a house, some food and water," he said. "And Spaghetti-O's and bananas."

Despite their youth, these students each looked for their own way to raise money, most dipping into funds other children their age would spend on toys, candy and games.

So far, the 10 students in Turner's class have raised more than $60. Other classes have also participated, bringing the total donations to $125. They will continue to bring in whatever money they can for the rest of the month and beyond, in hopes that their contributions will have a positive impact on those whom Katrina affected.

"We pray for them every day," said Jazmyn Lee, another kindergartner. "And for (the victims of) Ophelia."