10/02/05 — Kids learn to cook and eat healthy

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Kids learn to cook and eat healthy

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on October 2, 2005 2:03 AM

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County are teaching members that eating healthy can be fun.

From eating more healthy foods to being more physically active, the participants in the clubs' "Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids" program are gaining the skills needed to make better choices so they can be successful with maintaining their health as they grow older.

Volunteer program director Jovian Brown said while obesity is a national issue, "we can all make a difference in Wayne County."

She said the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County are playing a very important role in delivering education so the members can make healthier choices.

"We expect to make a huge impact in our kids' lives, and we have already seen the excitement in our class," she said. "Because the activities are offered as part of Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County's monthly schedule they are accessible to all of our members."

The clubs are also providing educational materials about lifestyle choices that will encourage them to exercise and understand the food pyramid. The members learn what to look for in their everyday foods.

To make a donation or to volunteer contact the Boys & Girls Club office at 919-735-2358 or visit the Web site at www.bgcwaynecounty.com.