11/08/05 — Stoney Creek Park plan will include 5-acre lake

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Stoney Creek Park plan will include 5-acre lake

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on November 8, 2005 1:51 PM

Goldsboro could have a new lake in a few years after City Council gave its preliminary approval to a plan for Stoney Creek Park at its meeting Monday.

Councilmen approved Kimley-Horn and Associates's preliminary drawing of the park and told committee members to move forward with the project.

Recreation and Parks director Neil Bartlett, who also serves as a member of the committee, told councilmen that the drawing still needed work. However, many aspects of the drawing, including the 5-acre lake, would appear in the final plan.

Stoney Creek Park Master Plan

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The preliminary drawing of the new Stoney Creek Park was approved by City Council Monday. The plan includes a 5-acre lake as well as walking and biking paths, bird watching areas and other amenities.

Once the final plan is finished, completion of the project should take about two years.

"This drawing is not final, but it gives you a feel for what the committee wants to do," Bartlett said.

He added the inclusion of a lake in the park has many benefits. He said it would help reduce flooding in the park area, increase the chance of federal funding in the form of a Clean Water Management Trust Fund Grant and bring a beautiful feature to the heart of Goldsboro.

The preliminary drawing includes community garden areas, walking and biking paths, a multi-use lawn and an area devoted to observation of nature.

Bartlett and other committee members said they feel this drawing brings their vision statement one step closer to reality.

The statement reads, "The Stoney Creek Park Development Committee has been charged by the City Council of the city of Goldsboro with transforming an area devastated by the tragic floods of Hurricane Floyd in 1999 into a community asset that can be enjoyed for many years to come. The Committee's vision is that of a passive outdoor recreation area that will provide opportunities for quality of life enhancement through education, conservation, recreation and natural beauty and that will include trails for walking, biking, opportunities for nature observation, gardening and natural resource conservation. The Committee feels that it is critical that the long term plans for this project include the entire Stoney Creek corridor which traverses Goldsboro and provides an endless variety of leisure possibilities. Collaborations with government, industry, non-profits, and the public will make this vision a reality."