11/09/05 — Pikeville rejects alcohol ... again

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Pikeville rejects alcohol ... again

By Turner Walston
Published in News on November 9, 2005 1:54 PM

For the fourth time in 14 years, Pikeville residents voted against the sale of malt beverages and unfortified wine for off-premises consumption within town limits.

The vote on malt beverages was 105 to 72. The tally on unfortified wine was 104 to 72. Residents rejected the sale of malt beverages in 1992, 1997 and 2002. Unfortified wine was voted down in 2002.

Phyllis Kennedy voted against the sales.

"I don't want it here, the people that it will attract," she said. Mrs. Kennedy said she voted against the referendum in the previous elections.

Tim and April Wilson also voted against the referendum.

"Just religious beliefs," Tim Wilson said.

Mayor Herb Sieger, who was re-elected Tuesday night, had been a proponent of the referendum. Sieger said alcohol sales could have helped spark development in the town, along with the new U.S. 117 corridor. On Tuesday, however, he deferred to the will of the people.

"The people have spoken," Sieger said. "There will be no beer and wine."

"I voted for it," Ronnie Fortner said. "If you can go three miles over here and buy all you want, I don't see the problem."

"I just think they should have it," said Fortner's wife, Wanda.

Town commissioners Johnny Weaver and Bruce Thomas had opposed placing the referendum on the ballot.

"I knew if we had a big turnout, the beer and wine would be defeated," said Weaver, who was also re-elected to another term on the town board Tuesday.

Weaver said if a new restaurant or store along the 117 corridor wants to sell beer or wine in town limits, the business owner should make his case to the board.

"I don't see any need to do it on the hopes that we may have something on 117," he said.

"People say 'change is good,'" Weaver said, "but there's nothing wrong with being how you are. If the citizens of this little town want it to stay a little town, then that's OK."