11/14/05 — Town settles over sewer

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Town settles over sewer

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on November 14, 2005 1:46 PM

FAISON -- Sandy McCarty paid for sewer service more than 15 years, and her house never was hooked into the sewer system.

Faison Mayor Bill Igoe told the town board at a recent meeting that Ms. McCarty found out about it when she started having problems with the septic tank on the property.

Town Attorney Garrett Ludlum said Ms. McCarty was under the impression she was hooked into the town's sewer system all these years. He said the person who owned the property when the sewer lines were installed along Ms. McCarty's street were responsible for hooking into the system, but that person never did. Then, a couple of other property owners came to the house before Ms. McCarty arrived 15 years ago. They, too, were under the impression they were hooked into the system.

The board voted to pay Ms. McCarty a settlement of $1,200 to help her pay a plumber to hook her house to the system.

Her first estimate for the work was $2,400.

"Where is he running it from, Chicago?" asked Igoe

Ms. McCarty said the plumber told her he would have to run 200 feet of pipe around the house.

Public Works Director Richard Cameron said the line would have to go around the house, because concrete had been laid over the hook-up while a driveway was being installed.

Ms. McCarty told the board she doesn't blame them for what happened, but she feels the town should have a way to keep some kind of record "so that errors like this can be caught sooner."