12/16/05 — Early birds enjoy 'King Kong'

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Early birds enjoy 'King Kong'

By Winkie Lee
Published in News on December 16, 2005 1:48 PM

Dorothy Moore of Goldsboro may have been the only person standing outside the doors of the Premiere Theatres Wednesday afternoon who was planning to see a film other than "King Kong."

But, after finding out what time "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" started, she decided to join the small group of people waiting to be the first in Goldsboro to see "King Kong."

"I liked it," she announced after the movie was over.

She said she would have preferred a happier ending, but was impressed by the animated creatures that director Peter Jackson had inhabit Skull Island.

There were more than the prehistoric creatures that appeared in the 1933 original. This island was filled with dangerous, giant bugs, creepy bats and some type of killer slugs.

Too much?


"This is the land of the giants," she said. "You have to expect the unexpected in the land of the giants."

Josh Carr of Goldsboro said he liked the fact that the island was made more evil than in the original "King Kong" and that the audience got to learn more about the background of the characters.

It helps people understand the story better, he said.

A "King Kong" fan who has seen both the 1933 original and the 1976 remake, he was curious to see what approach Peter Jackson took.

James Hahn of Goldsboro attended the film after Carr, his friend, showed him previews on the computer.

"It looked good to me," Hahn said before the movie.

Hahn didn't recall having ever seen any of the "King Kong" movies and was curious to find out what kind of film it was.

What did he expect?

"Giant monkey coming into the town, stuck in the city and wanting to go home," he said, laughing.

After the film ended, he said that, though he thought the movie began a little slow, once Kong arrived on the scene, things got interesting.

"The action scenes were good," he said.

Both Carr and Hahn said the film was worth seeing and that they would probably see it again.

It wasn't just the 25-foot tall gorilla who brought people in. Peter Jackson did, too.

Roy Heidicker of Goldsboro wanted to see how Jackson handled the film, and also came because of the good reviews the movie has received.

He wanted to be one of the first to see it, because attending the first showing was "a way to be around other lunatics like ourselves," he said, smiling.

He has seen the original version of the film, and calls it a classic, "especially for its time. The special effects, for back then, were amazing, and it was a great adventure."

Attending with Heidicker was his wife, Judine, who said she was looking forward to seeing the special effects and actor Jack Black.

Melissa Tyndall of Goldsboro had not seen "King Kong" before, and came because the movie looked like it was going to be a good one.

With her was Christopher Blake of Goldsboro, who said he was there because "she brought me."

"Don't let him fool you," she said. "He's excited."

Assistant theatre manager Manager Amy Colvin said she expects a packed house for every showing of the film this weekend. The theater has extra staff working to handle the crowd, she said..

"We expect it to go through the roof," Colvin said.