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Published in News on December 30, 2005 1:46 PM

Child abuse

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating a report of child abuse at a home on Old Grantham Road.

Witnesses said a 4-year old was left outside unattended for 15 minutes around 9:30 p.m. Thursday night. The suspect, who has not been charged, told investigators he took the child outside and left him there because he was screaming. The report said the man told investigators he had tried other forms of "punishment, but nothing else would work to quiet the victim."

Social Services workers responded to the scene, and the report said the children did not appear to be harmed or emotional upon their arrival.

Counterfeit bills

The Goldsboro Police Department is investigating two reports of stores finding counterfeit bills, one a $20 bill and the other a $10 bill.

The $20 bill was used sometime during Christmas Eve at Performances East Inc. at 1306 W. Grantham Road. It wasn't discovered until the employees returned to work Thursday.

The other counterfeit bill, for $10, was discovered Thursday morning at the Bojangles at 1025 Spence Ave. The clerk said a 50-year old man tried to use the $10 bill to pay for food, and he saw it was counterfeit. He asked the manager about it, and they both told the man they could not accept the bill as payment. The man then paid for the food with a real $20 bill and left the store.

Credit card fraud

A former employee is suspected of making unauthorized purchases using three company credit cards at Once Upon a Child at 409 N. Berkeley Blvd. Company officials discovered that charges totaling $15,000 had been made on the cards. No charges have been filed.


The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating the following reports:

*Thieves stole $694 worth of drop cords, ladders, tools and a radio from what will be the new home office of Best Sand and Gravel, now based at 117 Best Sand and Gravel Road. The new home office, now under construction, is in the 2300 block of N.C. 111 and doesn't have an address yet. The theft occurred some time after 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday and was discovered Thursday morning. Doors were not locked, and there was no sign of forced entry.

*Someone reportedly stole Ronald Wesley Parks 1985 Chevrolet truck valued at $10,000. Parks is self-employed, and one of his employees drove the truck into a field near D.M. Price and Sons on N.C. 111 South to do some work. The truck was left with the keys in the ignition and when the employee returned a few hours later, the truck was missing.

*Employees of Cox Edward Company at 1205 Parkway Drive told investigators Thursday that someone stole the $800 pallet forks off a Bobcat forklift some time after Dec. 15 from a job site at Shackleford and Langston roads. The employees said they left the equipment at the site while they were working in the area.

The Goldsboro Police Department is investigating these reports:

*Gateway Transit at 1615 E. Beech Street reported someone did about $350 worth of damage to a bus shelter glass pane in the 500 block of Holly Street. The report said the damage was discovered Thursday morning.

*Cheryl Marie Jeffries of Bartlett Road, Pikeville, told police that someone stole a 1999 Ford Taurus valued at $2,500 from a house on Hines Road.

*Police investigated a report of a vehicle break-in at a house on Hines Road. Somebody reportedly broke the window to the unlocked sliding glass door to Pedro Roberto Jeronimo's 1994 Dodge Ram truck and removed the CD player, two speakers and an amplifier, all valued at $645.

*Someone broke the bedroom window to get into the home of Shvonne L. Taylor at her South William Street apartment to steal two electric space heaters, valued at $135. Ms. Taylor said she discovered the break-in Thursday night when she returned home.

Death investigated

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of 84-year old Irvin Clayborn Poole who died some time after Christmas Day from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Katherine Marie Bell of Cove City called the Sheriff's Office to check on Poole, and deputies responded around 5 p.m. Thursday at his home on Old Smithfield Road. Officers found Poole in a bedroom with a rifle nearby.

The report said there was no evidence of foul play. Ms. Bell told investigators Poole had a history of medical problems. She said she last saw Poole on Christmas Day.


The North Carolina Highway Patrol investigated the following crashes:

*The state Highway Patrol charged Eddie Mack Thompson, 60, of Dudley, with a safe movement violation after an accident Wednesday morning on Old Mount Olive Highway between Pecan Road and Genoa Road. He and Tammy Lynn Gregory, 36, of Fremont were going north on Old Mount Olive Highway, and Ms. Gregory went to turn left into a driveway while Thompson was trying to pass her, the patrol reported. Her 2005 Toyota ran off the road on the left, struck an embankment and overturned, landing on its right side. No one was injured. The Chevrolet sustained only $350 worth of damage, but the damage to Ms. Gregory's Toyota was $3,000.

*The state Medical Examiner's toxicology report showed a man who died in a single-car crash on Dec. 9 had been drinking. The report said 19-year old Daniel Olvera Ruiz' blood alcohol level was at .11 when he lost control while fleeing a marked Sheriff's car. Invesatigators said Ruiz came out of a curve on Emmaus Church road between Kelly Springs Road and Stanley Church Road, lost control, crossed the center line and ran off the road, striking a fence and then a house. The report said Terry Loftin, who was living in the house, was asleep in the bedroom against the wall that was struck by the vehicle. He was treated at the scene for minor injuries and Wayne county EMS. Damage to the fence and house was $25,000. Damage to the 1994 Ford, owned by Ruiz, who lived on Ada Stroud Road, Seven Springs, came to $6,000.